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Bankers Alliance

Bankers Alliance is owned by the Arizona Bankers Association
Bankers Alliance, owned by 29 State Bankers Associations, offers a family of services that includes Compliance Alliance, a subscription-based regulatory and consumer compliance advisory service with tools, hotlines, and document reviews, and Review Alliance, an independent group of compliance specialists offering banks deep-dive audits of their existing transactions, recommendations about program enhancements or guidance on future safety and soundness. In 2020, we added Virtual Compliance Officer -a new shared service-model using bank-dedicated compliance officers; perfect for monitoring and guiding your bank remotely.

Review Alliance


Review Alliance focuses on deposit and lending compliance, ACH and BSA audits.  Learn More
  • External reviews of process & previous transactions
  • Focused on your operations
  • BSA/ACH/IT/Vendor management
  • Lending or deposit compliance
  • Review internal audit programs
  • Detail transactional activities

Virtual Compliance Officer

Virtual Compliance Officer (VCO) is a shared service that allows institutions to outsource BSA/Compliance monitoring and reporting. A VCO will assist with steering a bank’s compliance program, monitor for compliance, provide management reports, track findings and follow through. VCO’s have several years of service within the banking industry and are certified in compliance.
  • Virtual access to our compliance experts
  • Shared service lowers costs
  • A regulator-validated program
  • We manage all training

Compliance Alliance

A family of services that you can rely on every day.
Not just a compliance solution, Compliance Alliance (C/A) is a regulatory bank compliance advisory that works in partnership with your institution. Comprehensive and all-inclusive, C/A mitigates your organizational consumer and federal compliance risk while lifting the burden of your day-to-day regulatory compliance efforts.
  • All-inclusive subscription
  • Unlimited reviews
  • Unlimited online chats
  • Unlimited tool downloads
  • Monthly webinars
  • Monthly huddles
  • Daily news updates
  • Cuts staffing costs
  • Supports the entire bank
How is C/A Different?
  • Chats answered in seconds
  • 99.97% satisfaction rate
  • No chat limits
  • 7 a.m. – 6 p.m., CST
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kwilliams@azbankers.orgAzBA COO