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As an active software company who serves the financial institution industry across the country, we have been able to provide a very valuable service to allow banks and other financial institutions the tools to allow people, both within the company and customers who utilize the bank for its services, the capacity to use the digital services of the bank in a manner that doesn’t exclude a person with a disability.  Our software provides the ability for someone with any type of disability the ability to use the digital content of any URL provided by the financial institution in a meaningful and productive manner.   Our service opens up a company’s website for a large population of people who otherwise  would not be able to use it.  This is good for business and good for compliance to the ADA.


Edwards Thrash & Associates, LLC
Scott Edwards
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Edwards Thrash & Associates, LLC is the merger of two successful financial consulting firms.  Edwards & Associates, LLC was founded in June of 1983, by its principal M. Scott Edwards, a University of Arizona graduate and CPA.  Thrash and Associates, LLC was formed in 1995 by its principal Bobby Thrash, an Eastern New Mexico graduate with a masters in finance.    The firms collectively have provided thirty years of financial advisory services in the areas of internal audit, loan review, appraisal review, compliance, policies and A&D for financial institutions. During their histories, the firms have provided consulting services to over a hundred community Banks through at least two economic cycles.  Currently, the new firm provides some or all of their services to over thirty banks in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Texas.


McGladrey & Pullen LLP
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McGladrey & Pullen, LLP is a leading national provider of audit and attest services serving more than 2,000 financial institution clients across the country. Our team of financial institution specialists has a unique combination of regulatory, accounting and industry experience that allows us to fully understand your operating environment. Through our relationship with RSM McGladrey, we are uniquely qualified to provide community banks with logical, integrated solutions to your accounting, tax and consulting needs.  We bring industry experience, a community banking focus and an approach which can integrate risk assessments, internal audit, tax and regulatory compliance, loan reviews, Sarbanes-Oxley and information technology reviews, providing you with a comprehensive solution to your consulting needs.