Trust Companies


Zia Trust, Inc.

Kathy Moriarity, Arizona Branch Manager/VP

Ed Kraft, Chief Executive Officer


11811 North Tatum Blvd, Suite 1062,,

Zia Trust is a leading independent trust company in the desert southwest, managing over a billion dollars in trust and custodial assets. We are pure fiduciaries, and we do not provide banking or in-house investment services. Our business model is to serve families with professional fiduciary services while retaining the family’s trusted investment advisor. We serve trust clients throughout Arizona. We are regulated by the Arizona and New Mexico Departments of Financial Institutions.

All trust administration decisions are made locally without any time-consuming bureaucracy. Our team includes thirteen trust officers, four of .which are J.D,’s. Zia Trust is experienced in traditional family trusts, special needs trusts, conservatorships, employee benefit trusts, complex estate administration, and self-directed IRA’s. We serve clients in 41 states.