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AzBA’s Position on Prop 207 Survey

Arizona: Four years ago, Arizona voters narrowly defeated a referendum to legalize recreational sales. But they will have an opportunity to reverse course in 2020. Most polling indicates strong support for authorizing taxed, regulated sales. There are more than 250,000 patients enrolled in the state’s medical program — an increase of 150 percent from four years ago. Opponents of the initiative have been badly outspent by the multimillion-dollar, industry-backed legalization campaign. And a legal challenge to the initiative was rebuffed by the courts. If rec sales became reality in Arizona, they would extend a contiguous network of five western states with more than 60 million residents spanning from Canada to Mexico that have full legalization.

But the latest polling data suggests a rapidly tightening contest. Support for legalization is at 46 percent, compared to 45 percent opposition, according to polling from OH Predictive Insights conducted over the last several days.

An Additional Poll

Prop 207 Survey _BALLOT_LANGUAGE_%28English%29.pdf
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